Group Analysis From the Inside Out: A Process

Group analysis has an interesting history. As a treatment modality, it is becoming rapidly professionalized in the field of mental health. It is very powerful in the treatment of many conditions and as a way to tap into the social unconscious. Dive in during this talk! There will be a live demo group designed as a “here and now” experience focusing on how a person functions in the immediate moment. We will study how groups run and collect data on what works for different characters, etc. Processing of the demo group afterwards provides a unique experience to hear what is in the analysts head- why they said what they said, what they feel worked or did not- while also hearing from the participants point of view. William Sharp, PsyaD, is a certified psychoanalyst who teaches at Northeastern University with a private practice in Brookline, MA. He is conference and membership co-chair with the Northeast Society of Group Psychotherapy (NSGP). His textbook, Talking Helps, is one of the few addressing the “impossible profession” of psychoanalytically informed counseling. He enjoys using popular media to explain complex psychoanalytic topics in his psychology courses. You can follow him on Twitter: @DrWilliamSharp. This event is free and open to the public. Sponsored by the Cogut Institute for the Humanities and the Psychology DUG. Food will be served!